Hookland 2/12/18 2:15:27

@TarotOnTheHill @thevitalspark01 The real DI Callaghan retired to a cider orchard. His epic lunches now are sausage plait, chicken, leek and bacon pie and and a Hereford version of char sui bun that he has taught the kitchen at his local pub to make.

Hookland 2/12/18 2:42:51

@TarotOnTheHill @thevitalspark01 They call the spiced meat bun he taught them to make ‰Û÷witch balls‰Ûª on the menu. Nowt in Hookland is made up, just remembered differently.

Hookland 2/12/18 2:55:00

@SydMoore1 What we need to organise at some point is a critic co-operative where we provide proper, fair reviews to balance out some of that awful blight of petty, that awful blight of ignoring the popular fantastic.

Hookland 2/12/18 2:58:03

@SydMoore1 And we come from an Essex which has in its tide-carved mud, in its stinging salt-kiss winds, a DIY creation ethic that was there long before punk. We do our own thing never in the hope of cool, only in the hope of connection. #EstuaryWriters