Hookland 6/12/20 0:00:10

@AdamStoryteller We all need story – life itself in an act of narrative will – but there are some who need neat stories, tight tunnels of tales. Mysticism is many things, but it is rarely in my experience neat.

Hookland 6/12/20 1:22:49

They say that in Padleigh Woods is the remains of a village put to fire to stop spread of plague. Reclaimed by the trees, half-erased from history, full of resentment. Some have it as a tale of ghosts put about by poachers to thin the competition. Others have heard the screams.

Hookland 6/12/20 2:42:23

@PipA01157048 Tories, when not opposed will erase anything that adds to the common joy of life, but it is all so obvious I refuse to comment on it further and leave the rants to my other head at @cultauthor.

Hookland 6/12/20 3:07:12

@CorinneGressang Cop culture, indoctrination into the CCTV state where we are all data ghosts … nope, not up for that. Add the the fact that Elves are often malicious and giving them personal information rarely ends well … no, just no.

Hookland 6/12/20 3:37:57

@Skionar They are not operating to the full safety standards – most might want to go with the two circles or circle and square/triangle belt and braces procedure. One with you in it is the minimum and the most common depiction in pop culture, but I would want an external control shape.

Hookland 6/12/20 3:46:32

Further rumours of Puck Edge and its ‰Û÷Submarine Dreamers seem to have surfaced in the pubs frequented by soldiers and technicians at the military base. Whispers of ‰Û÷State psychics‰Ûª, things glimpsed and maximum burial secrets all converted into the currency of pints. – #MattAdams

Hookland 6/12/20 3:55:36

@SwanRiverPress @lowtheband Glorious movie that gets better with repeated viewings. It‰Ûªs arc of navigating both strangeness and grief is nicely done, but even better its constant sense that oddness has a profoundly human cost.