ReptonGuide 3/12/19 2:59:52

To stiff the glass ‰ÛÒ a London saying meaning either to fiercely grasp a shot glass of spirits and knock the contents back in one gulp or in more criminal circles, to add poison or some other illicit substance to a person‰Ûªs drink without their knowledge.

ReptonGuide 3/12/19 3:57:16

For where poverty lives in London so does the harsh spirit known as Perishing Cold. Those superstitious souls in the rookies of Repton say it is a real being whose touch makes skeletons and who are we to say otherwise. – Edith Mayne, 1872

Hookland 3/12/19 21:36:33

To see two figures up the way by the watergate and when you get there, they vanish. To never know if they were real or phantom, to never know how they could disappear so quickly. That is to be haunted. That is the everyday in Hookland. – #CLNolan

Hookland 3/12/19 23:19:40

The two most desired magical metals in the county are faery silver for the making into siren or calling bells and wolf iron. To own even the smallest amount of true wolf iron is the wish of many cunning folk. – Dr. Bron, 1645