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My discovery of witchcraft was like my discovery of feminism – an instant recognition that this was I had always been, had always felt, without ever before having a word for it. – Maisey Faraday, ‰Û÷A Harvest Across the Rooftops‰Ûª, Weird Preservation Society, 1984.

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@NickSmithington @douglas80_phil I have been anti-fascist and socialist for 40 years, but taking lines like that to works of fiction isn‰Ûªt a good look or a vote winner. Sling your hook and raise your game.

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You might be a posh bastard. Mayfair might love you as John Lazarus – ‰Û÷bestselling author and private deceive‰Ûª, but Repton is my patch. If you are chasing villains here, you tell me about before you leave Curzon Gate or I will have your guts for garters. – #SgtCallaghan

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I‰Ûªm never surprised to find an Arabic demon in London, nor a Chinese ghost or a Kurdish angel. For London isn‰Ûªt an English city, but rather an international one and always has been one since the Romans first rocked up. – Arthur Chen, Reptonian and lecturer In parapsychology, 1982

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If London is the ultimate temple of the stars laid upon the ground then we must ask ourselves why the stellar adytum is to be found in Repton? – Colin Andrews, ‰Û÷The Secret Star Temple‰Ûª, 1982

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The Brompton Garage on Aveley Road is said to be have a singular ghost which makes itself known by the sounds of an invisible car. It is often mentioned in books recounting haunted machines.