Hookland 2/12/20 4:17:45

They carve the midnight charm in antler then decorate it with dress of mistletoe, blackthorn and oak. They give it a lover of mandrake root and wed them both with a hag stone ring. Tree hollow altars become their home while magicks are gestated. – Dr. Bron, 1638

Hookland 2/12/20 5:29:59

Knot Island in Pad‰Ûªs Pond is alleged to be the home to wood sprite Blood Snare. Children – as well as some adults – send him offerings on little wooden boats. Hooklanders dislike the word appeasement, preferring to call these actions ‰Û÷peace tithing‰Ûª or ‰Û÷sprite settlement‰Ûª. https://t.co/y840r0bU6d