ReptonGuide 8/12/20 23:10:46

@1871_samuel @HooklandGuide For all your talk of free speech, you are quick with a block button aren‰Ûªt you? Freedom of speech isn‰Ûªt freedom from the consequence of people thinking you‰Ûªre a Junior Lozza Fox wannabe and racist pisspuffin.

Hookland 8/12/20 0:38:43

“So, this missing student then.” “24. Address in Old Miriam. Studied something called archeo-astronomy. Writing something on dark constellations in the Northern Hemisphere, the Cygnus Rift.” “Please tell me there’s not an aliens from Planet Skarob element to this.” – #DICallaghan

Hookland 8/12/20 0:50:25

@sarahkmarr For reasons of having seen exactly six episodes of Doctor Who between 1963-1981, DI Callaghan thought all space malarkey was centred around aliens from planet Scar-something. It could be Skareg, Scarpo, Scarem or whatever, but definitely some ska or scar something.

Hookland 8/12/20 0:55:41

@sarahkmarr He never got on with televised science fiction. We might blame this on an episode of Star Maidens having been on in the background once when he had to make a house call.

Hookland 8/12/20 2:06:07

Alongside beer and bonefire as part of the psychic infrastructure of England, there is the parade. From the cutting of turf paths for the procession of St. Elen along the Ways to clip-clopping of the Bone Horse ahead of Bright Beggars, lore loves to promenade the land. – #CLNolan

Hookland 8/12/20 3:57:11

In modern terms, the ‰Û÷spirit snuff‰Ûª of the cunning folk, was most likely hallucinogenic. Though the names of it in old recipe books sound comical – Old Clip‰Ûªs Flying Powder, Mother Ash Is A-Wandering, Barrow Bliss – it was serious stuff. – George Kindred, Witch Country, 1971