ReptonGuide 5/12/20 0:21:55

The Legion of Lighters and Snuffers – somewhere between union and benevolent society for London‰Ûªs lamplighters – is headquartered in Repton at Craven Lane. It‰Ûªs motto: ‰Û÷We feed the genie – we feel the flame‰Ûª has caused some to wonder about it‰Ûªs alleged mystical concerns.

Hookland 5/12/20 0:29:12

@FawcettErika @NeolithicSheep For thousands of years, they have had a special relationship with death, the dead and the place that comes after. They are not asking favours, just asking their due.

Hookland 5/12/20 0:47:45

Many have seen the long echo of shell-shock and the psychic cicatrix of the trenches in N.J. Downs‰Ûª horror stories. Possibly the most explicit example of this is in his ‰Û÷I Have Become The Hollow Which the Ghosts Live In‰Ûª – a tale praised by both Machen and Nolan as ‰Û÷war-soaked‰Ûª.