ReptonGuide 8/12/19 0:36:43

The ‘Infernals’ at the Wayland Works, the iron wrights at the Scarlet Stamp yard – they were hard men, sharp men. They took to unions early and would not let their masters stop them. from doing so. They forged ghosts that live on in the spirit of the borough today. – Paul Cowan

ReptonGuide 8/12/19 2:58:13

Passengers on the Tube are usually oblivious of passing the ghost station of Repton St. Mary. Whether the ghost station is oblivious to their passage is another matter.

ReptonGuide 8/12/19 4:29:39

There are bits of local history that get forgotten, whether on purpose or by design, such as the reports of ‰Û÷moths made of bronze‰Ûª plaguing the Borough in 1877. – Alexandra Denton

ReptonGuide 8/12/19 22:53:16

It should not need saying, but for the record, but Repton is #FolkloreAgainstFacism to its core and as further warning, contains more socialism and ragged trousered philanthropists per square mile than Hookland.

ReptonGuide 8/12/19 23:00:19

Of course one can be a city witch. The idea that our relationship with nature is ended by brick, concrete and glass is an insanity I will not entertain. The ecology of the soul, a need to dance with the mysteries of place are deep in the blood and cannot be denied. – Astrid Drake

Hookland 8/12/19 2:45:33

@TalkingPicsTV @Rebecca52731232 There are many reasons why you are a national treasure (aside from being the heat-warming story of a dad and daughter TV company), but that’s another one to add to the list.