ReptonGuide 7/12/19 0:54:47

@CabinetStories Her sci-fi is … difficult. It has an interesting anti-colonial take, but it’s also very Edgar Rice Burroughs. Despite the scorn it has got across the years, her Empire Strikes Back script is not without merit.

ReptonGuide 7/12/19 22:38:33

It’s all been hushed up, but the Ironwood Wharf Uprising really happened. You can see bullet marks in the walls like fossils. It’s only given the shame label of conspiracy theory to shut down people talking about it. – Paul Cowan, 1981

Hookland 7/12/19 3:01:05

@paul4july @EustonDoYouCopy @kvdborgh @leahmoore @timrichlondon @rentaquill @DeanMelbournex @andyetthebooks @KetamineStalin @Actinane Du Maurier is constantly underrated. One of the finest writers of atmosphere and place around.