ReptonGuide 12/12/19 0:11:00

The Dockside Welfare Association, Cliphome Wood Preservation Trust, the Bishop Langstone Appeal – these are all local charities that make my poor heart bleed. However, it weeps not for a member of the Calcroft crime family. Not a single salty tear. – #DSCallaghan

ReptonGuide 12/12/19 7:06:19

I think we can put the sound of the invisible car continually spiralling down the multi-storey carpark as another entry in Repton‰Ûªs record of ghostly machines. – Arthur Chen, lecturer In parapsychology, 1978

Hookland 12/12/19 0:16:08

Humbled to be among the contributors to this. It is a wonderful line-up. Beyond delighted to return to my love or reviewing and to have some actual Hookland material in print.