Hookland 10/6/21 1:04:17

@MightyJoeNolan The art and craft of magic are profoundly different fields that unite in acts before dividing again. Also, you will probably find witch-weavers were doing it way before postmodernists.

Hookland 10/6/21 2:56:15

@SJFTremoribus @ScornaLott @PaoloSammut It is like the French and the superstition of stepping in dogshit – it all depends on time of day as to whether it is good or bad omen.

Hookland 10/6/21 5:22:06

The English rural church – all cursed monuments, graveyard ghosts and twitching knight effigies – is as much a reservoir of eerie as an encampment of Christ. – #CLNolan https://t.co/MEAtvcRANO

ReptonGuide 10/5/21 18:30:00

Put ceremonial magic with its robes, wands and swords no working person can afford in the ring agin magic from the gutter and I know where I would put my money. – Paris Smith, spiv magician.