ReptonGuide 9/12/19 8:38:37

The Blake Estate, Repton. Home to the ghosts of one Teddy Boy, two Old Dears and one Crying Baby in the rubbish chute. – Arthur Chen, Reptonian And lecturer in parapsychology.

ReptonGuide 9/12/19 10:00:47

From Repton Junction, one can travel the lines out to the suburbs, but why would you want to? The city dense with layers of story, layers of memory is already beneath you. – Alec Hurley, 1974

ReptonGuide 9/12/19 19:57:30

When I look at Dad‰Ûªs old cloth map of the Borough, I connect to those childhood dreams of floating, of looking down on myself. Dreams of rising above the city till everything was just lines. – Terry Linden, actor, 1954