Hookland 12/12/20 0:13:16

@SefC_ @WhatMollySaid @PeggyBrava Having been exposed to both as a child, you really cannot confuse them. Seeing a knot of unearthed, writhing slow worms as a child was terrifying.

Hookland 12/12/20 1:45:42

When the Crowhythe Museum of Curiosities closed, the Hookland Museum of Curiosities became the last of its type in the county. They tried bidding for most of their old rivals artefacts at auction – curse bells, fox bride bones, soul pins – but most went into private hands.

Hookland 12/12/20 1:54:29

@Doodlebugisblue @oldweirdalbion Hookland is free for others to use world and a free-as-much-as-possible in all other senses. There might be books one day if publishers want them, but they are also free resources such as a 30,000-word Writer’s Bible for those who want them.

Hookland 12/12/20 1:57:42

@lilmachine I’d love one too. One of the projects I am going to death-proof when I have a working computer is the catalogue for the Crowhythe Museum of Curiosities Auction in the hope someone will want to illustrate it one day.

Hookland 12/12/20 2:02:19

@lilmachine One of those like the bestiary, the book of Hookland Inn signs, the Hookland Horror cards et al, that I am going to death-proof so that they can be illustrated and collaborated on even if I am not around.

Hookland 12/12/20 3:54:38

It’s still in the memory of some as being ash-cured children – passed naked through clefted ash trees to take away their ills. The lore that a hole in a tree or circle formed by two branches growing together makes gate to the Enfolding Worlds is not erased in Hookland. – #CLNolan