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@courttianewland @jessnevins @robbiereviews @jmainpidd @memizon @hellohistoria @London_darkside @seefolkloresoc @oldweirdalbion @DirkMaggs @FriendsMWM @AntipodeanWyrd @psychcomm @NinaAntonia13 @Prof_Nick_Groom @ccohanlon @folk_horror @folk_cunning I am imerely being accurate all round. If you want praise, you should here the things I say about Gospel and River.

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Saxon tribes held service at matronal altars. The first English before this place became their New England, acknowledged earth mothers and the Mother of the Earth. Even Christians called England Mary‰Ûªs dowry. This land has always recognised a woman‰Ûªs power. – #EmilyBanting, 1981 https://t.co/pDlVXF52yy

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Many county signposts were destroyed during the war to confuse enemy soldiers in case of Nazi invasion. Some took this opportunity to destroy signposts to baffle ghosts trying to find their way back to their original homes. https://t.co/BZU5O054Df

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Wonderful Twitter accounts @jessnevins @robbiereviews @jmainpidd @memizon @hellohistoria @London_darkside @seefolkloresoc @oldweirdalbion @DirkMaggs @FriendsMWM @AntipodeanWyrd @psychcomm @NinaAntonia13 @Prof_Nick_Groom @ccohanlon @courttianewland @folk_horror @folk_cunning #FF

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Even before the scandal caused by adverse reactions to PsychoPhonogram Boxes – the pioneering combination of tapes and oscillator that generated ambient noises to help one sleep – Darkscape had acquired a somewhat sinister reputation as a musical genre. – Dr. A. Usborne