ReptonGuide 9/12/20 6:06:33

The Merrick Street Phantom was never pinned down to a specific species, but most thought that it must be the ghost of some animal given the vicious bites it gave to its victims.

Hookland 9/12/20 0:13:41

@przemekzet They want the folklore, they want the tweets and don‰Ûªt like being told that as a consequence of their views, they are not welcome. They are petulant and tantrum like emotionally underdeveloped children at even a hint that their bigotry is not a friend-winner.

Hookland 9/12/20 1:02:18

@GhostCatLady @przemekzet Not always a case. A lot of them are drawn to folklore, drawn to place. The attraction for them might be blood and soil numptism, but there is often a genuine interest in the work they wish to co-opt and project onto.

Hookland 9/12/20 1:10:48

@GhostCatLady @przemekzet In the end, their bigotry costs them the interaction they crave. They can have entry to communities, but they don‰Ûªt want to pay the tolerance toll.