Hookland 11/12/20 0:16:09

We cunning walk invisible roads. We trace the tracks made by dreamers in the hollow hills, walk atop tunnels to St. Martin’s Land. We follow sprite flicker-foots, the shadow lines of the dead trying to return to their lives. – Old Cunning Ash

Hookland 11/12/20 3:25:14

Hey @taylorswift13, now you have another album coming out, maybe you could give us #Folklore back without the TS in the hashtag? Folklore belongs to all – it is the commonw wealth of the imagination – and it’s really beginning to become offensive to many of us. #FolkloreThursday

Hookland 11/12/20 4:14:56

We are still dancing with the mysteries of the ritual landscape, the shaped, sacred landscape of the Neolithic. We anchor folklore around its stones, feel the flow of story as we walk bank and ditch. It lives in the lore. – Dr. M. Benn #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/bBVRpSCEDu

Hookland 11/12/20 4:40:49

@PipA01157048 All of Hookland is a knifing of the chocolate box bucolic. I can’t stand the phrase blood and soil, far too fucking tainted by its use amongst the far right. I deal in ghost soil, which is full of unquiet and unease.

Hookland 11/12/20 6:22:34

Hookland has always had its mad professors. The county seems to pull strange inventions out of people. All that space telegraphy to Mars at the turn of the century, the dead soul transmission receivers. Hines and his TV angels, that Italian who tried teleportation. – #DICallaghan

Hookland 11/12/20 7:42:29

@PipA01157048 See, it is ongoing perversion – it is a language of recognition for neo-Nazis. You can‰Ûªt retake it as a phrase. You can love you land, your lore and your ancestors without being a nationalistic prick, but that is a phrase you can‰Ûªt use with making some Nazi have a wank.