ReptonGuide 3/12/20 22:48:36

They say the bandstand at Princess Louise Park is haunted by the ghost of doomed pop star Marc Jones. Replays of a photo shoot. Smiles and snaps. Casual prophecy: ‰ÛÏI‰Ûªll be at number one in the charts when I get snuffed out. Just you see.‰Û

Hookland 3/12/20 0:38:28

There‰Ûªs a class of witches I‰Ûªve heard described as ‰Û÷fur coat and no knickers‰Ûª, witches obsessed with gaudy costuming worn and the prettified implements used when performing witchcraft. I shouldn‰Ûªt laugh at the phrase, but humour often holds truth. – #EmilyBanting #WitchWednesday

Hookland 3/12/20 2:29:22

Swan-carried songs to dead sisters swell our ancestral pantheon. Swan-gifted feathers in our cloaks are correspondences to the enfolding realms. Talk of familiars narrows to the individual, misses magic of our dance with entire families of beast. – #EmilyBanting #WitchWednesday