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@EustonDoYouCopy @DeanMelbournex @HEXCELERATOR @Actinane @bluestockinged @duncanbloor @CitrineWB @craig_bushman @ChantalPowellx However Sword-stick Ice axes Quinine tablets Smoke bombs and theatrical flashes The 1898 copy of Jane’s Fighting Ships

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@HEXCELERATOR @EustonDoYouCopy @Actinane @DeanMelbournex @bluestockinged @duncanbloor @CitrineWB @craig_bushman @ChantalPowellx This is a picture of C.L., Nolan, who in his early days, fought pirates in Moluccan Straights. What you need is a smoking/thinking cap. https://t.co/Nmuz783jPu

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Some of the stone walls on Barrowcross reuse stones from Iron Age villages, though the link between this and the reason some call them ‘ghost lines’ seems spurious https://t.co/C9LEDg3Nvn