Hookland 10/12/20 1:12:12

Folklore holds many tales of witch’s garter, the power of its showing, power to do more than hold stocking in place. Most stories mention the eel-skin garters of our dead sisters with no idea they’re speaking of an old bond between eel and witchery. #EmilyBanting #WitchWednesday

Hookland 10/12/20 3:48:25

The Cate family are long in witchery, though it has to be said most of them now keep quiet about it since the drowning of Rebecca Cate in 1645. Long, but not happy in witchery – which is often the truth no-one wants to tell. – Tom Rudd #WitchWednesday

Hookland 10/12/20 7:10:41

School children snigger at Upper and Lower Bleeding. Occasionally there’s local murmur of renaming the villages to avoid the tired jokes, but no-one’s heart is in it. Besides, they like talk of ‘the Bleeding Ghost’ and ‘the Bleeding Doom-well’ as much as we do. – Tom Rudd #VOH