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@CatherineMMunro @pre_historic While not a colour, I do imagine the flag of the Neolithic to be blue sky above green field and a circle of grey in the middle covered in Ring and Cup markings.

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People say ‰Û÷the old religion‰Ûª for things before the time churches staked the land. They say it as if it was unity of belief, one path through the woods. You look at nature and you know it‰Ûªs never just one thing. There‰Ûªs dozens of ways to walk the woods. – Cunning Jack Rosehip https://t.co/3fDVPcKRy9

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@MorganScorpion @ianfrightfest @ColorSpaceMovie @crackerjaw @HPL_JDeLaughter @RenZelen @elo_rob @WeirdHowardProd @folk_horror @MRJamesPodcast @NunkieTheatre @GroupHookland @terrorca @full_julia @village_movie @AshMountainFilm @tmpmovie @FatalPictures @MadameRaven1 Thank you Julia. Deeply appreciated.

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@Stevevolkwriter All hail those narrative archaeologists who have worked for years to excavate from archival sources the lost form of ghost story and their traditional naming practices.

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The letters of N.J. Downs from the trenches during World War I tell of him seeing ‰Û÷gas wraiths‰Ûª and ‰Û÷the shelled dead, the bullet-broken dead rise‰Ûª. The same letters also talk of praying to the ‰Û÷Dispeller of Darkness‰Ûª – an obscure deity only mentioned once in the Coreham Codex.