ReptonGuide 10/12/19 3:55:13

I‰Ûªve a lead on an interesting case – a child‰Ûªs ‰Û÷invisible friend‰Ûª seems the focus for spontaneous fires, odd apports and banging from within the walls of a flat. It is on the Marchmont Estate but I don‰Ûªt want that to put you off. – Arthur Chen in a letter Dr. Claire Byrant, 1978

ReptonGuide 10/12/19 6:32:55

I am happy to announce the only place for at least the next year where you will be able to read actual extracts from the old Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Repton in a physical form is @RitualsZine. So, just saying, you might want to follow them.

Hookland 10/12/19 0:42:21

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Hookland 10/12/19 0:42:37

@witchwalk @cheja @SianEsther @IcySedgwick @EvilVVitchSure @UniCorpse86 @lonewolfblake1 @KeeliePop @cinemag0er @NickWallaceV @KhdLuca @CaledonianKitty @SantoniDiana @Momoftwins1996 @abhorrently_urs @RemyWarrior @AmberScroggins6 @his_materials @Christi47250171 @Delilahsulliv10 @StrangeAndOdd @grendelvaldez @acpopfreak @syscosgate @stacee_sgotti @Artzilla_1994 @creepycgirl @Filia_Noctiss @mattla08 @LadySpookaria @TheEvilOutcast @dezombified @KlownMedia @ParanormalParot @ArturoS32468818 @RiviasHunter @Marisa3913 @cemetery_eyes @catherine_hann @FolkloreThurs @CMRosens @CineLore @siobhancoda @Misterimhotep @reviewwales @ClockworkSelkie @disorganed @Sylvarwolf @vidarrbjorn @SketchesbyBoze Again, far too kind, but thank you. Appreciated.

Hookland 10/12/19 1:25:36

@witchwalk @cheja @SianEsther @IcySedgwick @EvilVVitchSure @UniCorpse86 @lonewolfblake1 @KeeliePop @cinemag0er @NickWallaceV @KhdLuca @CaledonianKitty @SantoniDiana @Momoftwins1996 @abhorrently_urs @RemyWarrior @AmberScroggins6 @his_materials @Christi47250171 @Delilahsulliv10 @StrangeAndOdd @grendelvaldez @acpopfreak @syscosgate @stacee_sgotti @Artzilla_1994 @creepycgirl @Filia_Noctiss @mattla08 @LadySpookaria @TheEvilOutcast @dezombified @KlownMedia @ParanormalParot @ArturoS32468818 @RiviasHunter @Marisa3913 @cemetery_eyes @catherine_hann @FolkloreThurs @CMRosens @CineLore @siobhancoda @Misterimhotep @reviewwales @ClockworkSelkie @disorganed @Sylvarwolf @vidarrbjorn @SketchesbyBoze I don‰Ûªt know about any of that, but thank you.

Hookland 10/12/19 2:49:43

@SpaceWeather9 He looks beleaguered because he is. This election is a last throw of the dice, spunk it all agin the wall thing and he has the gambler’s sweats, because every possible lie has been told, if he doesn’t win, he is in the bin of history as the great liar, the great failure.

Hookland 10/12/19 2:58:12

@SpaceWeather9 This is a man, and I can source this, who has been bullshitting his way through life since school on an accumulator bet of a life that has to pay off on Thursday or he is so screwed in terms of future prospects, he won’t even be able to afford to pay his child maintenance bills.