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Of course class 3B didn’t go missing all at once, but within three years of the Leyfield Park incident, not one child could be traced. – Colin Andrews, Lights Over London – A History of the Capital’s UFOs, 1977

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When he played that horn it was like god was firing arrows into your soul. Granted, not a church god, but one of those older ones that got music and magic. ‰ÛÒ Benny Braham talking about Repton‰Ûªs legendary 1930s jazz musician Bruno ‰Û÷The Scrapper‰Ûª Shields

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Some claim Monk’s Walk is the most haunted path in Repton. It’s an incautious claim, but there is no denying it is layered with ghosts and a history of unease.

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Alderman Growler‰Ûªs Fields ‰ÛÒ well-known destination for layabouts, paraffin lamps, delinquents and want-to-be bad ‰Ûªuns. Anyone claiming that acts of football take place there are clearly on something stronger than methylated spirits. ‰ÛÒ #DSCallaghan

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Callaghan context: paraffin lamp is London slang for a tramp. Detectives, like most Londoners, have never been known for sensitivity when it comes to rhyming slang.

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A witch should have the ability to spot bullshit in whatever occult drag it is wearing. It is an ability sharpened by all her life dealing with men. – Astrid Drake, ‰Û÷Kissing The Toad‰Ûª, Weird Preservation Society‰Ûª, 1978 #WitchWednesday