Hookland 4/12/18 0:18:33

@catvincent @Pumaculture @SelineSigil9 As you’ll know. Mr. Booth and I had an aborted Epping Forest book. The true battles we recorded were more odd than anything in the song.

Hookland 4/12/18 1:15:59

We drive on the left in England old boy. You’ll have to forgive us our eccentricities, we’ve been driven half-mad by the rain. – #CLNolan in a letter to Walter M. Baumhofer

Hookland 4/12/18 2:50:58

The cunning folk can look through a fire into another world, so you mind Tom Wood, or I’ll tell your wife what I seen you get up to with my magic eye. – Old Mother Gibbs, #VOH

Hookland 4/12/18 3:43:43

#CLNolan bitching about a writer he dislikes and the dialects of Hookland. And yes, @hilliatfields. this does mean extracts from the Hookland Dialect Dictionary are returning. https://t.co/NdisP70y8U