ReptonGuide 2/12/19 5:53:50

Born this day in Repton in 1904, S.J. Farrer, best known for her ‘The Girl Who Could See The Dark’ series of children’s books detailing the adventures of Juniper, Suki the Cat Shade and Dunchurch the magical glass skull.

ReptonGuide 2/12/19 7:43:19

The Thames foreshore at the Ironwood wharves, Repton. ‘The Thames is a a river of tidal ghosts and liquid memories. It will pull you into its story without mercy.’ – Alec Hurley

ReptonGuide 2/12/19 7:46:33

@StaceyCalavera No. The problem is fandom now comes with a sense of ownership above a sense of joy. ‘Fans’ who hate a movie or other thing because it doesn’t feature their theory/sexual kink/view on economics are shitlarks. ‘Fans’ who jump on the joy of other fans are nowt but cockwads.

ReptonGuide 2/12/19 21:25:01

Repton paper ephemera. 1984 edition of Troy Hammond’s ‘The Shunt’, the first in his Strange City series and making strong use of locations and his childhood in Repton.

Hookland 2/12/19 0:45:39

@gravesmeredith Winters, as a ghost-layer, was well-acquainted with the classics., but I suspect it is the practical experience of the rural rector speaking in his book ‘And Did Those Cloven Hoofs In Ancient Time’.