Hookland 12/5/21 22:47:26

More wisdom lives beyond the door of the witch‰Ûªs cottage than in the grand library of unread books. Old wisdom, tested across generations for its ability to be useful. A common witchery or as some call it, cottage wisdom. – Vera Winterfield #WitchWednesday https://t.co/jBD2dZYCx0

Hookland 12/5/21 18:21:59

@AndreaCheetham It is hard to tell whether Jenny Greenteeth has direct relation to the Stay Below. Yes, she occupies a similar niche in the folkloric ecosystem to the Stay Below/Peg Powler/Grindylow, but Stay Belows are not only female so are not river-hags and Jenny is most likely a river-hag.

Hookland 12/5/21 7:01:05

The Stay Below is crafty. The Stay Below is patient. The Stay Below is a gourmet. It will pass up the chance of grabbing human mutton, content to wait for your child lambs to come to its pool. – #CLNolan https://t.co/u6qH3Ipywu

Hookland 12/4/21 2:22:49

A legacy of the ship‰Ûªs visit was the circulation after its disappearance of a book called The Invocations of The Grey Mission. This purported to be a collection of formulas and rules for establishing embassy with ‰Û÷Demons of the Futures and the Lords of Dark Teeth‰Ûª.