ReptonGuide 5/12/19 3:19:58

John Lazarus. Mr. Mayfair. On my patch with a revolver and 36 silver bullets with strange signs ‰ÛÒ I believe you call them sigils ‰ÛÒ carved on them. I‰Ûªm meant to look away as you‰Ûªre posh and friends with the Assistant Commissioner, but I won‰Ûªt. Repton rules apply. ‰ÛÒ #DSCallaghan

ReptonGuide 5/12/19 7:33:16

Many Christmas ghost stories are rolled out in Repton, but one regular is that of Elijah Wood’s spectral toy barrow. It really isn’t good cheer or a seasonal blessing to glimpse it trundling from Mitre Square to Vinegar Lane.

Hookland 5/12/19 3:59:39

Mother Tovey had a price list for her magical services – you could buy a pennyworth of luck, a shilling of fair weather. However, it is recorded that she preferred barter in bread, cheese, firewood and apple brandy. #WitchWednesday