Hookland 9/6/21 0:43:35

The countryside is full of lies. Rank rural mendaciousness. Bucolic balderdash. The biggest lie of all is the empty field. No field is empty. It is always full of stories if one places one‰Ûªs ear to the ghost soil. – #CLNolan https://t.co/iZl41tqB5i

Hookland 9/6/21 1:12:08

@WannaBBonVivant @memizon As I am death-roofing at the moment, there is a list of things called ‘What I Would Have Done’ that includes two TV treatments and two dilm treatments for Hookland. Alas, no DAWN.

Hookland 9/6/21 1:14:34

@sjzenarchy The thing that most don’t get about folklore is that it has always been the hope of justice for the powerless as tale of spectral knife against the powerful.