Hookland 8/6/21 5:16:37

@ohsinnerman It is a masterclass in graceful info-dumps, use of colour, pace and most importantly, making the future feel like a lived-in place. It bounces drama and motivations off of the fact people actually live in that tomorrow.

Hookland 8/6/21 5:18:50

@ohsinnerman @phil_lunt The slo-mo and the CGI are so well blended into the physical look of the film they have aged brilliantly. In a time when even the last Avengers film begins to look dated by it effects, that is a massive accomplishment.

Hookland 8/6/21 7:54:55

We talk again of Dave Padbury. Not the figure playing in 1960s bands, nor the 1970s creator of the Darkscape music genre. Not founder of Padbury Sound Laboratories, not infamous recluse, but the child in his father‰Ûªs shed trying to build radios to talk to ghosts. – #MattAdams

Hookland 8/6/21 8:27:58

@CherylHeuton It has only been through recent binging of Korean TV that I realise my odd recurring nightmare of The Prisoner but instead spies it a village full of monsters removed from society is entirely doable as a TV show.