Hookland 4/12/20 0:16:51

@companygreenman If you want an accurate history of the Green Man, by all means focus on Lady Raglan, but folklore is feral by nature. Folklore lives and mutates. An academic may know its history, but that history is a photograph of a moving shadow. Jack in the Green is always dancing.

Hookland 4/12/20 0:25:16

@companygreenman Stories merge, stories breed. Grims and shucks mate – give us black dogs and frankly if guardian spirits and shape-changing faeries can be at it, I fail to see the problem of understanding how Jack in the Green and foliate heads have entwined and produced a new turn in old path.

Hookland 4/12/20 2:08:35

There are two types of folklore told in pubs – tales told to visitors reflecting back their expectations and true currency of snug passed between regulars. The latter is always odder as it reeks with truth of place, has the copper tang of old blood. – #CLNolan #FolkloreThursday

Hookland 4/12/20 3:21:44

The Black Barn, Hoe Gate Farm, Mislingfield. Neighbours and locals tend to avoid the property if they can as they have all heard tales of it being ‰Û÷faery-scratched‰Ûª. Tales of a strange ‰Û÷bloody jelly‰Ûª found in the yard after a night when ‰Û÷horrid whisperings are heard‰Ûª. https://t.co/N54cBYGn8L