ReptonGuide 11/12/19 3:25:33

Heywood Gardens – looks posh on the outside, but it‰Ûªs a case of Harrods‰Ûª overcoat over the proverbial naked fanny. All artists, mistresses and villains on the rise. Shilling to a pound this death turns from suicide to murder under autopsy alchemy. – #DSCallaghan

ReptonGuide 11/12/19 7:25:53

Some churches hold their secrets in crypts under blankets of dust and forgetting. St. Olaf‰Ûªs holds its secret in small a room under the spire, locked in an oak and iron chest with all the apposite apotropaic markings.

ReptonGuide 11/12/19 23:39:47

@MariaStrutz You would find a copy hanging on the wall at Sisters In Sorcery and you often find offerings at owl rest trees in the Clipham Wood. You of course, also find odd owl and owl-human statues in some of the Borough‰Ûªs Russian tea shops. In a city of incomers, the Sirin come as well.

Hookland 11/12/19 23:25:13

Thank you all for the kind words. I suspect I am going to have a deeply difficult time ahead, but hopefully it won‰Ûªt stop exploring Hookland and Repton with you all.