Hookland 12/2/21 0:29:35

The best book on a talking mongoose ever written. I say this not just because Christopher is the co-host on the upcoming Hookland Pubcast, but because it is the truth and Gef wants you to know that.

Hookland 12/2/21 1:20:19

What of the case of Toby Hind who heard Fethrower walking on the roof of his farmhouse? ‰ÛÏIt would thump down, a massive clattering. Then the scrape of footsteps. You couldn‰Ûªt ignore it. Even with my shotgun I was terrified.‰Û – ‰Û÷Monstrous County‰Ûª, Brian Danebury

Hookland 12/2/21 1:59:59

@semisomnus @catvincent @Alderley @Trevor_Pyne A harsh truth that rarely gets acknowledged is the UFO community is a landscape of poisonous cults, hierarchy pissing contests, bad practice and dismissing testimony that doesn‰Ûªt fit personal agendas – and that is before you get to the dirtying of the waters by outside agents.

Hookland 12/2/21 5:48:05

There are all-night cafes in Ashcourt where ghosts have been nursing the same cup of tea since 1959. When the jukebox plays Count Basie even when there haven‰Ûªt been Count Basie records in it since 1962, you know it is one of them doing it. – Billy Frost #VOH

Hookland 12/2/21 21:51:23

Storytellers are in the business of lending you their eyes, sometimes their hearts as well. Tellers of strange stories, of the folkloric and odd, we are in the business of gifting your wonder. We hold up lenses of awe, beckon you to peer through. – #CLNolan #Writing

Hookland 12/2/21 22:05:21

@SydMoore1 So, folklore walks. Folklore stumbles around an area in a lost and confused and eleventy glasses of wine way. The Druid‰Ûªs stone of the Glen is actually the Devil‰Ûªs Stone/Bird stoneThor stone of the church.